Lamb Products (Subject to Availability)

  • Flavorful Lean Lamb
  • My Clun Forest ewes produce flavorful, lean lamb. My lambs are born in the early spring of the year. My lambs are vigorous at birth growing rapidly from the ewe's rich milk. My lambs are efficient foragers and graze my pesticide-free pastures. No processed feeds! No growth hormones! No steroids! No subclinical antibiotics! Preventative health is practiced for healthy lambs, and healthy meat.

    My lambs are raised in a caring manner. Local, state or USDA inspected, processing plants are used. Finished weights typically average 85-100 lbs.

    My lambs get off the ground fast and produce a versatile forage based lamb product. My customers include direct lamb customers, the ethnic market, and farmer's market.

    Lambs are sold either half or whole. Order early. Contact us for a brochure and order form. Lambs are ready typically late October through December.

    Wool Products (Subject to Availability)

  • Fleeces
  • Creamy white with plenty of personality!

    Handspinners, If you like springiness, you do not know what you are missing until you try Clun fleece!

    Cluns produce a medium 6-8 lb. average fleece. It typically has a spinning count of 54-58 with a 3 1/2-4 inch staple length. Clun wool is well-suited for blending with some of the finer wools. I will gladly send a small representative sample upon request if available.

    Fleeces (uncovered but clean). Roving is available.

    Clun Mule fleeces are beautiful and are available. The Clun Mule fleece takes on many attributes of the Bluefaced Leicester influence.

    Natural colored fleece is new to my flock and limited in both Clun Mule and Clun!

  • Clun Wool Quilt Batts
  • Quilt batts are occasionally available. An area woolen mill likes Clun wool to incorporate into their batts. It provides the loft that is desired in this product. None available.

  • Clun Forest Yarn
  • 100% Wool, Clun Mule Yarn is available.

  • Clun Forest Sheepskins
  • Beautiful Sheepskins (Prices vary according to size and quality)