Little Prairie Cluns Tribute Section

My Clun Forest Ewe Flock was started with two Registry of Merit ewes bred by Klara Templeton in 1994.

  • KLT Natasha Z52 ROM, a prolific older ewe, 240% lifetime lambing in five lambings, and
  • KLT Tuppence C97 ROM , a large framed good milking ewe who gave us 180% lamb crop in ten lambings. A foundation ewe full of personality as well.
  • RRF Charlene D2, produced a couple ROM daughters for my flock that have had a positive impact. A flock sire Prairie T102 goes back to this dam.
  • Prairie Black Eyed Pea K113 ROM, Prince daughter, my most prolific producer.

My original flock sire was Bramble Hill C5. He was a solid ram with a nice meat build. His dam is a Registry of Merit ewe and his breeding goes back to Pedwardine breeding. He produced some Registry of Merit daughters and his influence continues in the flock.

Ram HFC A9 "Prince" came to us later in his life from Bramble Hill and his legacy remains after only a couple of breedings for us. He is found in the pedigrees of many of my current producers. He produced some good daughters who I inseminated with imported semen.

Ram Emmett Farm's J034 "Dirk", a son of "Danyreglwys Derek", one of the imported lines from the UK. I saw Derek in Wales when I visited the Honduu flock in the fall of 1999. Derek was a large, very correct ram who goes back to Babram bloodlines on his dam's side and Pen-y-wern and Easter Beltie lines on his sire's side. "Dirk" is one of the three Derek sons resulting from Dan Emmett's artificial insemination efforts and has Gordito (Canadian) breeding on his dam's side. I purchased this ram in December 2000. Dirk has produced very consistent daughters with good breed type. Dirk's son, Prairie T102 "Devon" is a son of Dirk used a flock sire. He is solidly built with strong legs and feet along with good width and length. His daughters are consistent with good type.

Breeding Sires

Only rams of multiple births will be registered with the exception of AI sired rams from ROM dams. All of my Clun rams are registered with the North American Clun Forest Association (NACFA). Current Clun Forest sires in my flock consist of rams carrying a combination of lines from my proven past producers and the added import genetics. Some line-breeding was used to develop these lines. Emphasis is given to selecting rams from good producing dams.

Netherlands Import Lines in Flock

I had great success with artificial insemination of my ewes with the imported Netherlands semen (rams SAN 125 and FAF 00025) in 2004 and 2005 and have a good basis of these lines represented in the flock. I have a couple of current flock sires from the 2010 artificial insemination from Netherlands rams SAN 125 and TBV 071.

  • FAF 025: ARR/ARR This ram's semen was imported from the Netherlands in 2004 and he himself was imported from the U.K. in 2000 by Gerard Scholtes. He was bred by Tom Francis and is pedigree has Pen Y Wern, Guifron, and Woodhouse lines. He is a proven top producer and show ram in the Netherlands.
  • SAN 125: ARR/ARR He was bred by Mr. van der Schaaf and owned by Mr. Budding. His pedigree is heavy with Laidlaw and Babraham bloodlines on the sire side. Champion Yearling Ram 2003 National Show.
  • TBV 071: ARR/ARR This ram's semen was imported from the Netherlands in 2004. His pedigree goes back to Laidlaw and Babraham blood on both sides. His sire SBN 131 won many prizes in their shows.