Little Prairie Cluns began in 1994 on the Stute Family Farm in East Troy, Wisconsin. I read about Clun Forest sheep and was looking for a productive grazing animal, and found wonderfully helpful breeders right here in Wisconsin to get me started. For several years, I was actively producing and taining a small flock of Clun Mule ewes as well (Bluefaced Leicester X Clun Forest). Visit for more information on Mule Sheep. In fall of 2009, I added a terminal sire breed half-English Suffolk ram to breed my Clun Mules for the final tier of the UK breeding scheme for quality grass fed lambs. Due to divorce and a re-location to smaller acreage, I sold the Clun Mule sheep in 2014, and decreased the size of the purebred flock. Little Prairie Cluns moved to my current location in September of 2014 once the pole barn and fencing was complete on the site.

Little Prairie Cluns once maintained a flock of 40-50 ewes on average but now is a flock of about a dozen Registered Clun Forest Sheep. Pedigree and production records are available. Production records have been kept on the Ewebyte Sheep Management Program and Lambplan. New import genetics from the Netherlands was added in 2005. The flock is currently enrolled in the National Sheep improvement program (NSIP).

Healthy Sheep! I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and know how important health is for best possible production. My flock is free of hoof rot with hooves that rarely need trimming, free of abortion disease, and tested negative for OPP (Ovine Progressive Pneumonia) --- member of OPP Concerned Sheep Breeder's Society. I have been enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program since June 1998 and my flock became Scrapie Certified Free in 2006, and now am in the Select category for monitoring scrapie. I practice preventative health with CDT vaccinations and parasite control as needed.


Little Prairie Cluns
Michele Stute
W2767 Kniep Road
Elkhorn, WI 53121