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A Newer Addition is Rachel's Rabbitry, Home of Pedigreed Mini Rex & Holland Lop Rabbits: www.sweetbunsrabbitry.com

www.littleprairiecluns.com was pirated (Dec 2007) and as a result my new domain was chosen. Our purpose of continuing to grow and improve our original flock of Registered Clun Forest sheep (established in 1994) has not changed. The new domain reflects my interest and additional goal of being a NACFA Clun breeder devoted to producing and promoting Clun Mule Sheep. Due to drought conditions this summer of 2012, and feed concerns for the winter, I am decreasing the flock size and will be breeding primarily the purebred Cluns for 2013.

My other interests are displayed in this site as well.


Use of Imported Clun Forest Genetics since 2001: Newest AI prospectswere born into flock in 2011

Scrapie Certified Free since 2006, SFCP enrolled 1998

OPP Tested Negative Stock

Lambplan Genetic Breed Improvement Program www.sheepgenetics.org.au/lambplan/

Implementing the 3-tier UK Breeding Scheme for grass-fed market lambs with use of a UK sired Suffolk ram

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