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www.littleprairiecluns.com was pirated (Dec 2007) and as a result my new domain was chosen. Due to a change from the Little Prairie Road business location in September of 2014, and less acreage, the Clun Mule sheep have been sold and the purebred Clun Forest flock was decreased. I will be breeding ONLY purebred Clun Forest sheep but do promote Cluns being used in a productive cross such as the Mules.

Use of imported Clun Forest genetics since 2001! SFCP enrolled 1998, Scrapie Certified in 2006, Scrapie Select Category since 2013 OPP Tested Negative Stock

Enrolled as a National Sheep Improvement Program flock www.NSIP.org


Visit “R Mere Cardigans” for my Cardigan Welsh Corgi pages at: www.rmerecardigancorgis.weebly.com





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